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Must Do This Before the Next Hurricane or You Will Suffer, FINANCIALLY

According to D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters you must do “this” before the next hurricane arrives or you will suffer financially; you must take photographs of your residences. Not just a couple of photographs. You must take pictures of every inch of your home.

Insurance Companies Will Attempt to Deny Your Claim

The reason is because, believe it or not, when you submit an insurance claim most insurance companies will truncate or deny your claim, declaring your damages were pre-existing. If you have your photographs date stamped, you will have proof of the condition of your residence prior to the storm.

Taking Photographs

You must take pictures in every room, as well as the exterior of the structure. You must take pictures of entire ceilings, walls, floors, cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms. Take pictures of the cabinets with the doors open. Same with drawers. Take pictures of your counter tops, sinks, tubs and showers. Don’t forget the closet and the garage. Stand back taking photographs from a far; as well as close. Take photographs of each side of the exterior of your home. Attempt, safely, to get pictures of your roof. Consider using a drone. Our Public Adjusters do not recommend homeowners to climb onto the roof. Again, take the photographs from a far and then up close. Remember, you want to get the details of the condition of the residence.

Inspection Reports

If you have a recent inspection of your property, review the report. Even if you have an old inspection report either when you purchased your property, review the report. If any of your insurance companies visited your property when you initiated your policies, attempt to obtain and review that report. Make any repairs recommended in any of the inspection reports. Consider reviewing appraisal reports from the purchase of your property or refinancing of your property. Document the repairs before and after by taking photographs and keeping receipts and/or cancelled checks as proof of payment and repair/replacement. The insurance companies generally will request all appraisal and inspection reports of your property to determine if any claimed damages may have been preexisting. So, get those repairs completed as soon as possible.

Document Preventive Measures

Document all preventive measures you take prior to the storm’s arrival. Take pictures of the shutters in place that you have put up. Keep receipts for payments to installers.


Remember to store photographs and all documentation on a safe USB type external disk. You may consider utilizing a safe and secure storage cloud.

After the Storm

After the storm be sure to also document any damage. Again, take several photographs. Many other residents affected by the hurricane will have damages. Thus, the sooner you commence the claims process, the sooner the insurance will tend to and assist you in resolving your claim.

Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters for Help

Contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters for help as soon as possible after the hurricane. We will contact the insurance company on your behalf to initiate your claims process. We will detail and present your claim of damages to your insurance company and represent you throughout the entire claims process to ensure you fully recover from your loss. Remember insurance companies are a “for profit” business and want to pay as little as possible on or even deny your claim. The insurance companies have their own staff or independent adjusters; you should have your own private Public Adjuster on your side. We offer free consultations. We also work purely on a contingency basis (by law). If you do not get paid, we do not get paid.

Proof and Protection

Insurance companies want you to prove your loss. We will assist you in supporting your damages. It is important to hire our Public Adjusters from the onset. Many property owners make the mistake of allowing the insurance adjuster to woo them into a false sense of security. The company adjuster will smile with their big teeth, promise and give the homeowner the impression they are there to help. They will put words in the homeowner’s mouth enabling the insurance company to reduce or even deny your claim. Our Public Adjuster will be present to meet with the insurance adjuster to protect the integrity of your claim and ensure your full recovery.

Public Adjusters work for the home or property owner; not the insurance company. For more information about public adjusters FAQ

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