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Live Your Life While We Handle Your Insurance Claim!

D’Orsa and Associates, LLC Public Adjusters emerged out of personal experience in 2008. Our passion for helping the policyholder is a result of our own misery and frustration. We suffered damage to our residences and neighborhoods as a result of Hurricanes Andrew and Wilma.

The Frustration

But the property damage was only the beginning. Dealing with the insurance companies just threw salt on our wounds. The disrespect, the lack of compassion and empathy; as well as the appearance of deceit by the insurance companies was shocking (at the time).

Subsequent to and as a result of Hurricane Wilma we had water and wind damage to our homes in our kitchens, bathrooms and on our roofs. Specifically, one example of aggravation to our team was extensive water damage to the kitchen. A remediation company arrived at our residence and advised us and the insurance company to remove the kitchen cabinets due to the extensive water damage and developing mold. The insurance company instructed us not to remove the cabinets. Even after the insurance company inspected our damage and visibly noticed mushrooms growing on the walls and in the cabinets; they would not allow us to remove the cabinets.

Health Issues and Lack of Empathy

Our family began to experience health issues. We did what we could to prepare meals outside the dwelling on the back patio with the garden hose and grill. We endured with the horrendous conditions for just under one year.

We sought the help of a property damage attorney who never visited our home to see the damage. The attorney did not provide us with their scope and estimate of the damage until after the claim settled. We had to constantly call the attorney to determine the status of our claim. Both, the attorney and insurance company were aware of our living conditions; and the fact children were living in a hazardous environment.

Insurance Company Deception

The insurance company provided false documents to the attorney. The “certified” copy of the insurance policy was not a factual representation of the policy. Even when brought to the attention of the attorney; they did nothing to address the deception.

Why We Are Different

So, what makes our public adjusters different. Our team operates with integrity and honesty in all we do for you; we will go above and beyond for you. We have been through what you may be going through. We provide you with the current status of your claim. We will fight and press the insurance company on every aspect of your claim. We will scope and prepare an estimate of your damage. We will confer with you regarding the scope and costs to assist you in fully recovering from your loss. We will negotiate to obtain the highest dollar amount possible.

We value your time and understand you are busy with your day to day activities and responsibilities. So, live your life while we handle your claim. Put your faith and confidence in D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjusters; we understand what you are going through.

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No Damage is Too Big or Too Small

We handle all types of claims from small burst plumbing damage to large scale storm and fire damage

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Storm Damage

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Vandalism Damage

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Burst Plumbing Damage

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Hurricane damage

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