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Public Adjuster Marathon

James (Jim) G. Sahagian is our public adjuster Marathon. Jim is in Marathon right now assisting homeowners with their insurance claims. Contact Jim at (877) 742-3587 to assess your Hurricane Irma damages. He is our public adjuster Marathon! Jim will evaluate and scope your damages. If you have not already filed your Hurricane Irma insurance claim, Jim will file the claim with your insurance company and help you throughout the entire insurance claims process to ensure you fully recover from your damages. He will help to make you and your home whole again. If you have already filed your insurance claim and have or have not heard back from your insurance company, Jim is our public adjuster Marathon who can still help you. Our public adjuster in Marathon will fight the insurance company for you, the policyholder! Jim has several years of experience on both sides of the insurance claims process; very few public adjusters have the expertise that Jim possesses. So, contact D’Orsa and Associates, LLC at (877) 742-3587 to have Jim visit your property and take care of your Hurricane Irma insurance claim. Even if you have damages other than Hurricane Irma damages, contact our public adjuster in Marathon, Jim, to help you with your damages. Jim can help you with fire and smoke damages, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, etc.

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Now that the season has begun, many homeowners are returning to their winter homes only to discover what they may have feared all along: Hurricane Irma Damages in Marathon! D’Orsa and Associates, LLC public adjusters in Marathon will help you throughout the entire insurance claims process. Call (877) P I ADJUSTER – (877) 742-3587

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