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A licensed Public Adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who advocates on behalf of you, the policyholder (not the insurance company). Our licensed Public Adjusters will help you through the entire insurance claims process. Our Public Adjuster will determine your insurance coverage, assess the value of your loss or damages, evaluate, scope, document and prepare estimates for your claim. We will prepare and present your insurance claim to your insurance company. Our Public Adjusters will negotiate with the insurance provider to navigate a fair and just resolution for you, the policyholder. Our Public Adjusters manage all aspects of your claim with the insurance provider, in order to obtain an accurate reimbursement for you to fully recover from your loss. D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will fight on your behalf and personally inform you of all stages of your claim through your final settlement.

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D’Orsa and Associates, LLC will provide you with one devoted, ethical and enthusiastic Public Adjuster for your entire insurance claim. Your personal Public Adjuster will represent you; as well as be intimately familiar with your entire claim. Having one individual Public Adjuster is imperative throughout the entire claims process. He or she will scope and estimate your damage, gather evidence in support of your claim, present your claim to your insurance company, negotiate your claim, and (if necessary) will handle your mediation.

Each insurance claim is unique with its own individual fingerprint. Accomplishing an accurate and just resolution to a property insurance claim is not conventional. There is not a correct form to complete or a specific list of tasks to perform that will resolve all claims. The cause of loss, the category of construction, the presiding insurance policy, the location of the loss, and the needs of the policyholder are just a few of the aspects of the equation formulating the most advantageous track to bring your insurance claim to a successful conclusion.

Our goal is to achieve a final settlement that is accurate and fair to you!

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We are not insurance agents or salespeople. We do not sell homeowner’s property insurance policies. We are PUBLIC ADJUSTERS who represent the policyholder in the event they have a claim for a loss or damages

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We handle all types of claims from small burst plumbing damage to large scale storm and fire damage

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